Spectrum Medical Celebrates Diversity in Sports Alongside Phoenix Gay Flag Football League Organizers at Season-Finale Gathering

PHOENIX (May 22, 2024) –In a display of community support and inclusivity, Spectrum Medical was recognized at the Phoenix Gay Flag Football League’s (PGFFL) Spring 2024 Season Closing Celebration and Sponsorship Brunch. The event, held Saturday, May 18 at Yumbar, was a culmination of the league’s achievements and a testament to the enduring partnerships that support PGFFL’s mission.

Among the highlights was the acknowledgment of Spectrum Medical’s role in supporting the organization as a platinum sponsor, a demonstration of the importance of inclusivity in sports.

Reflecting on the event, Victor Avila, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement at Spectrum Medical, said, “Congratulations to PGFFL on another great season. The positive experiences that they create for LGBTQ+ athletes no matter their skill level become long lasting memories that contribute to a better quality of life and even better health.”

The vibrant gathering spotlighted the league’s champions of the Women’s and Open Divisions and celebrated the significant contributions of its players and sponsors. The event also marked a significant moment for the PGFFL, with the introduction of a new chief financial officer from the Arizona Cardinals, which like Spectrum Medical, was also a platinum sponsor.

Outgoing league officials delivered special remarks, sharing visions for the future and commemorating the growth of the community. Their speeches underscored the event’s significance and the community spirit in Phoenix.

“This event wasn’t just about marking the end of another successful season. It was a reminder of the impact that inclusive sports leagues and their partners can have on fostering a sense of belonging,” continued Avila.

The Closing Celebration and Sponsorship Brunch showcased how local sports leagues like the PGFFL and businesses like Spectrum Medical work together to create a positive influence that extends far beyond the playing field. It was a day that celebrated achievements, recognized the power of community, and looked forward to the future with hope and enthusiasm.

About Spectrum Medical

Spectrum Medical Care Center is a leading provider of primary care, preventative care, HIV care, PrEP, PEP and STI testing services, and has been meeting the unique healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ community in Metro Phoenix since 1998. Spectrum Medical’s growing team of experienced medical professionals and staff proudly serve all patients with state-of-the-art, competent and compassionate care and are deeply committed to healthcare equality in the community.


Victor E. Avila
Director of Community Relations, Spectrum Medical Care Center
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PR Executive Director, RIESTER
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