Primary Care – What and Why?

Primary care plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving one’s overall health and well-being. Despite the growing trend of seeking “Urgent Care” solutions, the importance of establishing a long-term relationship with a primary care provider (PCP) cannot be overstated. A PCP can be a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, all of whom are trained and equipped to offer comprehensive primary care services. Below, we will delve into five key reasons why primary care is essential:

Better Monitor Your Health

Your PCP will keep a close eye on your health and well-being during times of illness and in promoting preventive care. Regular check-ups and routine screenings help identify chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure early on.

Manage Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illness is the leading cause of disability and death in the US. According to the CDC, 6 in 10 Americans have at least one chronic illness, and 4 in 10 Americans at least two or more. Through an established primary care relationship, you can work towards leading a healthier lifestyle and effectively manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, and COPD.

Establish a Medical Home

Establishing a medical home means having a dedicated team that holds a complete understanding of your health history. Your medical home will be there for you when facing an acute illness, during preventive care visits, or for medication refills.

Easier Access to Specialists

Your PCP will understand your “whole health” and can provide access and referrals to the specialists best suited to meet your unique healthcare needs.

Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

By regularly visiting your PCP for preventive care and screenings and maintaining open communication, you can prevent serious illnesses from developing and reduce the overall cost of your healthcare.

Take Charge of Your Health with Inclusive, Compassionate Primary Care Services Today!

Spectrum Medical Care Center offers compassionate, inclusive, and state-of-the-art primary care for the unique and individual needs of our Phoenix area LGBTQ+ community. Call us at (602) 604-9500 to schedule your appointment and make Spectrum your Medical Home today!

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